Tattoo Lightening

Thank you for your interest in the Royal Brows Academy Li-FT Removal Training. This intensive, introductory course is designed specifically for beginning artists who wish to gain a foothold in the Permanent Makeup industry and start their own successful business.

As a highly skilled Master Trainer, I’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about saline Removal Training. In addition to taking a deep dive into all aspects of the business, from pricing to inventory, this course will give you confidence and complete understanding of basic skills and proper technique.

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Ready to pivot to a new career in the beauty biz? If you have your eyes set on microblading – and in all honesty, it’s a REALLY lucrative path – I’d love to train you, and give you the gift of success!

In 2017, I joined the Permanent Makeup industry with zero beauty experience under my belt; and in a very short time, built a multiple, six-figure career for myself. Today, in addition to seeing clients on a daily basis, I regularly train young women here in Seattle in the art of microblading; enabling them to launch their own careers with support and the encouragement they need to get a jump-start in life.

Why does my system work? Because it’s based on my own experience as I learned the ropes and tools to build a model of excellence. In the early years, I frequently took Permanent Makeup courses around the world, often leaving dissatisfied with the level of training, and confused about how to apply these newfound skills in my own work I knew instruction could be better, and committed myself to creating a training program that would revolutionize the industry. When you learn the art of Microblading with me at Royal Brows, you’ll not only gain the skills to create your own successful business, you’ll have ongoing support long after you leave the classroom: Students are encouraged to return and shadow with me; to work on multiple real-life models; and to continue to practice at my studio.

Bottom line? I care. I want you to become successful and continue the tradition that I’m proud to promote. Read the reviews from my many students who are successful artists today; come join an industry that can change your life; and build a career that has the potential to rocket you to the top. I look forward to helping you start your journey!


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Royal Brows

  • You’ll learn from an experienced and successful artist who’s done it!
  • You want mentorship, not just a course!
  • More than just the art, you want a successful business!
  • You want a proven program, that’s produced successful artists!


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Tattoo Lightening Training

Cost: $1,500

No beauty industry experience or cosmetology license is necessary. You must be at least 18 year of age to participate.

Includes Machine and bottle of Li-ft removal plus a comprehensive course manual.

Here’s what’s included…

  • Complete coverage of the Instructional Course Manual
  • Marketing tips and tricks
  • Tips on building solid client relationships and mastering social media
  • Photography training: How to take pristine before-and-after photos of each procedure to build your business portfolio
  • Handling emergency removals
  • Li-FT® Online Course
  • Facebook Li-FT® Support Group
  • Live-model training: You will see a full procedure in person.
  • Certificate of Completion to be awarded at end of course
  • Post-graduate mentoring: As your Trainer, I’m dedicated to the success of your business and am always available via email, phone, and text to critique photos of your work, and provide feedback on marketing materials.*


Here at Royal Brows Academy, learning never ends! You’re always welcome to come back after training to shadow me further, or actually practice your craft at no additional cost to you. This additional instruction is a cornerstone of our program, as we jump in and help you nail any skill that needs more refinement. From demos to difficulties and everything in between, our continued real-time coaching and support is key to becoming a successful artist.

Important notes:

  • We ask that you kindly wear black clothes for our group photos.
  • Make sure your nails are short enough to easily manipulate tools and brow work.
  • Food and beverages will be provided.
  • Students are allowed to photograph and/or video all procedures done on models.
  • Certification is given at the completion of training day.

Payment plans through Cherry are available.

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