$150 Each Removal Session

Tattoo Lightening Treatment

(Works on body art and permanent make up)
Body tattoos text 425-879-1607
Emergency Removal (within 48 hours $275)

Removing a tattoo isn’t a straightforward process. The results can vary based on the client’s skin type, the nature of the tattoo, the intensity of the color, etc. Sometimes, we can remove enough of the tattoo in just a few sessions, enabling you to receive a new treatment covering the old work. Sometimes, you may require several more sessions to obtain optimal results. We schedule every treatment 4-6 weeks apart to ensure the client’s skin has time to recover completely. Our tattoo removal service in Seattle is safe, reliable, and efficient.

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Tattoos, permanent make-up, and microblading have become very popular in recent years. Almost everyone has a tattoo and experiments with semi-permanent brows. Unfortunately, some clients end up regretting the treatment after some time. At Royal Brows, we provide the best tattoo removal in Seattle.

Our experts use the world’s first and only hypertonic saline solution to remove pigment. This treatment doesn’t contain any carcinogens, harmful chemicals, and doesn’t require laser application. Some of the advantages include:

  • High levels of efficacy.
  • Low pain and skin scarring.
  • Works on new and old tattoos.
  • Fewer treatments required.

The method is suitable for permanent makeup, microblading, and body art. Please book a consultation for body art tattoos.