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Tooth Gems

Enhance Your Smile with Stunning Tooth Gems!

Add a touch of sparkle and express your unique style with a bit of bling! Our team of professionals will safely and skillfully apply beautiful and high-quality gems to your teeth, transforming your smile into a work of art.

What are tooth gems?

Tooth gems are a form of dental jewelry that are attached to the surface of the tooth as a purely ornamental fashion statement. They are typically made of small crystals, such as diamonds, Swarovski crystals, or other precious stones, and are applied using dental adhesives. Tooth gems have gained popularity as a subtle way to add a bit of charm and something special to your smile.

The process of adhering a tooth gem involves cleaning and preparing the tooth’s surface, applying a dental adhesive, and carefully placing the gem onto the tooth. This adhesive is safe for dental use and is designed to be temporary, allowing the gem to be easily removed without causing damage to the tooth’s enamel.